The City of Roses

View of an early Portland morning from my inn balcony. (Taken via iPhone 6)

“Life is too short to spend in negativity. So I have made a conscious effort to not be where I don’t want to be.” –Hugh Dillon

After discussing a poem in class written by Colleen J. McElroy, about a girl missing or losing someone significant in their life, it made me ponder of something I’ve missed.  Something I miss dearly is Portland, Oregon.  Words do not bring justice to explain the extent of my feelings for the city.  My love for the city-life started four years ago, when I went to New York City for the first time.  Even at the age of ten, I loved the sight of the busy, frantic streets, filled with people hustling to get to their destinations and the buildings that skyrocketed so far into the sky, that the tops weren’t even visible.  Ever since then, the city-life has been a dream of mine, and I jump on every opportunity to go explore a new one.  My all-time favorite city is Portland.  What’s funny is that when I first found out I was going there, I thought nothing of it.  I honestly just thought it was a dull state filled with trees and weird lumberjack people.  Never would I’ve thought that it would turn out to be the best place I’ve visited in my life.  Every aspect of the city is perfect.  The feeling of the calm, peaceful atmosphere of Portland was amazing.  All the people I came across were extremely uplifting and kind. Not to mention, all the stereotypes you hear about “Portlanders” are basically all accurate.  Basically all Portlanders own dogs, drink expresso latte art at hipster shops, shop at local farmer’s markets, and dress like hipsters.  (If that doesn’t sound like the perfect life, I don’t know what does.)  

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset
810 NW 11th Avenue, Portland. (Taken with iPhone 6, VSCOcam p5)

The food in Portland is beyond phenomenal, even so that I still have the taste of the dishes I had embedded into my memory, despite the fact that it has been roughly seven months since I’d left the beloved city.  Portland is the perfect place for a foodie (such as I), which is another reason why I love and miss it so much.  From breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert places of all different cultures, none of which I tried seemed to disappoint me.  The famous, award winning, Thai restaurant, “Pok Pok” was the most memorable restaurant for me.  “Pok Pok” serves authentic Thai cuisine inspired by the food served in the streets, homes and roadsides of Thailand. Their notorious, award-winning, spicy, fish sauce wings were heavenly.  Through the course of my three day trip, my sister and I had the wings four times (that’s how good they were).  

Notorious Pok Pok chicken wings.. (Taken via iPhone 6)

Lastly, despite the social and food factors of Portland, I believe the reason I truly love the city was because it was a home away from home.  It was a place where I could truly relax, enjoy life and forget about all the stress that I had left behind once I’d stepped foot into the plane out of California.  Traveling is an amazing thing to do because it really opens one’s eyes, to new perspectives, ideas, cultures, etc.  Also, being far away from everyday things we take for granted such as our home, family and friends, really makes us appreciate the simple things in life.  Traveling is also good for finding new friends, and even giving you alone time to find yourself.  I guess the purpose of this blog post was to tell my readers about the surprising find of the dream city I would’ve never thought to love so much.  I hope after reading this blog post, that my readers are all inspired to go out, explore the world, and find a place or activity they love.  Even if you loathe traveling, or don’t have the luxury to – go out, try something new, and find something that truly makes you happy.

View of the Willamette River and city, from the Portland Saturday Market.

2 thoughts on “The City of Roses

  1. strangelifeoflil says:

    Amazing post!! This post makes me want to go to Portland SO BAD!!! The food sounds and looks incredible along with the environment described. Sounds like a beautiful and wonderful place to visit. Definitely on my bucketlist!! Thank you for sharing your experience!


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