Passion: a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something”

58oz. Cowboy Ribeye || The Ranch Restaurant in Anaheim

I believe that the humankind can achieve happiness various ways, one of which is finding something to be passionate about.  Having a passion for something gives us the motivation we need to pursue a goal.  We create goals in order to make ourselves happy, or what we think will make us happy.  A question that I’ve asked myself is, “How does passion fuel us to find happiness?

In the novel, Siddhartha, Siddhartha spent his entire life trying to find enlightenment.  He is passionate, and encompasses so much love for his son, despite the fact that he is unappreciative, bitter, and spoiled. He loves his son so much, that he is compelled to treat him nicely and even tries to follow him when he tries to leave. In the end, Siddhartha realizes that he must let his son go.  Having passion towards his son and Kamala led to him finding a key to happiness, and enlightenment – love.

In the movie, The Seven Samurai, seven samurai agree to help and protect a village of poor farmers by fighting off the bandits, despite the fact that they had nothing to offer.  The first samurai the farmers found was named Kambei Shimada.  From there, he scouted the other six samurai and became the leader of the group. Throughout the movie, the samurai perform selfless acts, like putting their lives at risk to fight the bandits.  Some may argue that the samurai were not completely selfless, and their actions were fueled by wanting gratitude.  However, you have to be pretty selfless for volunteering to protect a group of strangers, knowing that you would not get anything in return and risking your life.  I believe that the samurai (and more specifically Kambei Shimada) were fueled by passion to help the poor farmers.

Tapas || Pueblo, The OC Mix Mart 


I found my passion in food.  To start off, good food simply makes you happy.  I guess you could say food is my form of meditation.  Many religions, such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, and Judaism practice meditation.  The Islam religion teaches that meditation spiritually benefits the soul, and can be used for the means of healing and finding solutions to solve problems.  Being able to appreciate food allows me to forget about the problems in life, and relaxes me. Also, food is a way for me to be open-minded and try new things.  Trying out foods from all different places of the world allows me to experience new things in the comforts of my own home.  I also admire the art and science of food.  I don’t think people realize how much thought and effort is put into making a single food-dish (even I didn’t at first).   From meat grades, spice assortments, exact temperatures, color-coordinating, there are so many components that come into the preparation, cooking, and presentation of a single meal, it’s amazing.  Another reason I love food is that it promotes socialization, makes everyone happy, and overall brings everyone together.


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