How To: Spam Musubi

Spam musubi is one of my all time favorite snacks; I grew up making and eating them with my big sister, so this dish has some meaning behind it for me.  “What is spam musubi?” you may ask.  Spam musubi is a popular Hawaiian snack that consists of a slice of Spam and rice wrapped with nori, or dried seaweed.  Spam musubi branched off from Japan’s ‘onigiri’ also known as ‘o-musubi,’ which is a rice ball wrapped in nori.  Onigiri has several variations and is paired with different meats, vegetables, pastes, etc.    Spam musubi doesn’t only have to include those three ingredients (Spam, rice, and seaweed); Many people add sauces like teriyaki, or add egg, which make the snack so much better!  With all of that said, today I’ll be teaching you how to make a simple variation of Spam musubi, the way my big sister taught me growing up.
You will need (Recipe calls for 16 small servings):
1.  1 can of Spam Lite (or Classic, whichever you prefer!)
2.  4 sheets of nori
3.  3 cups of cooked white rice
4.  2 tablespoons of rice vinegar
5.  A splash of ground pepper
6.  A splash of granulated sugar
7.  Vegetable oil (for frying)
9.  Spam Musubi Press Mold
* Any additional toppings – egg, Furikake, teriyaki sauce, etc.

1.  Begin with prepping your rice.  Wash the rice thoroughly, around three rinses should be good.  Follow the rice:water ratio of your specific brand of rice.  Typically, white rice is a 2:1, water-to-rice ratio, but it varies between the different types.  The goal is to make the rice, the slightest bit, more moist, because the rice tends to dry up a little if not eaten right away.

2.  While the rice is cooking, prep your Spam slices to fry.  Cut the Spam slices to an approximately 1/4-inch slice.  You should have 8 slices of spam.

3.  Heat up your frying pan to Medium heat, and add vegetable oil.  The vegetable oil will make your Spam slices super crispy and delicious.  Carefully add your 8 slices of Spam onto the pan.  Cook till golden brown.

4.  After the rice is cooked, add any desired amount of pepper (I like to add ALOT), a dash of sugar and the 2 tablespoons of rice vinegar to the bowl.  The rice vinegar, pepper, and sugar will enhance your rice to make it more like ‘sushi rice’ so it’s not bland and boring!  Set the rice to the side while the Spam slices are finished.


5.  After you have finished the rice and fried spam slices, it is now time to start making your Spam musubi!  Remember, Spam musubi comes in all difference shapes and sizes – there is no set model you have to follow.  For this recipe, I will be fully wrapping the Spam and rice in 1 full sheet of nori, and cutting the roll into 4 small squares.  However, another style you can try is individually wrapping each Spam slice with rice, in any size nori paper you’d like.

6.  Lay down one sheet of nori.  Place your rectangle structure mold (horizontally) at the bottom of the nori slice.  Create a 1/4-inch line of rice.  Lay your 2 Spam slices on top of the layer of rice.  Add any other toppings at this point.  Repeat the 1/4-inch line of rice.  ***NOTE:  The amount of rice is up to you, if you don’t want too much rice, put less; If you want more rice, make the layer thicker.***

Use the press top of your mold, and push down on the rice and Spam slice.  While pushing down with the top of your mold, carefully take the rectangular frame out.  Now remove the top press of the mold.  Now you have a perfect, rectangular block of Spam and rice!

Carefully roll the spam and rice block one more time.  You should have a small piece of nori remaining.  Now it’s time to seal your nori!  Dip your finger in some tap water, and line the edge of the seaweed paper.  This will seal your Spam musubi roll.

Congrats! Now you’ve made a Spam musubi roll.  Cut the log into 4 equal pieces.  Repeat Step 6 with your remaining 6 slices of Spam!

If you run into this problem of cutting your Spam musubi slices – where the rice gets stuck to the blade of the knife, do this:
– Fill a bowl with water, grab some paper towels.
– Dip the paper towel in water
Use this wet paper towel to clean off the rice after each piece of Spam musubi you cut.  This tip makes your Spam musubi slices clean, and easy!

I hope this recipe was simple and delicious!  Aloha!  Enjoy your Spam musubi slices.


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