Bougie Chic-fil-a

I absolutely love Huntington Beach’s main street. It is the perfect plaza for foodies that offers affordable, delicious eats. It has an array of options to suit the pickiest eaters, with options including poke, burgers, chicken, tacos, and more. I wanted to confess my love to Bruxie’s. I didn’t know that it was this amazing until my sister took me here for my birthday. The waiter gave me $5 off without signing up for the newsletter which made it even more worth it. Their chicken tenders are the best chicken tenders I’ve had in my life, especially the spicy battered ones. Not to mention they are not skimpy on their sauces and have amazing service. Their chicken is fried to a delectable crisp, and the bacon cheddar waffle is perfectly cooked with hints of savory and sweet.

– JL

life and a side of fries

Huntington Beach California is one of the nicest and most visited places in the world. The perfect weather, the nice people, the beach… but most importantly, the food! There are so many great places to grab something to eat down on Main street while having an awesome day at the beach. One of my favorite places to go is Bruxie, which is on Main street. Bruxie is a gourmet waffle place, that serves waffles in any way you can think of. Waffle sandwiches, Belgium waffles, chicken and waffles, waffle fries, you name it. I like to go in the morning and get breakfast, so I usually get the Chocolate filled Liege Belgium waffle or the Nutella and Bananas, which is a dessert waffle sandwich. I would highly recommend both of these items if you have a sweet tooth.


One of the things I love about getting the Nutella and Bananas…

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